bokels common actionscripts

Here are some common techniques in actionscript. Feel free to use it, if you have any questions, post them to news://macromedia.flash. Here are a few links i'm using by myself: There you can find answers to every question you will ever have concerning actionscripting and probably some things you didn't want to know :). At the bottom of my pages you can find a link "add comment". Guess what this is good for. All the best and keep on turning the flashworld bokel.


Simple Preloader with one movie loaded to level Simple Preloader with one movie loaded to target Multiple Preloader with x movies loaded to levels Multiple Preloader with x movies loaded to targets Multiple Preloader with x movies (incl. percent and bps) Multiple Preloader with x movies (single and multiple percent and bps) Load movie to given framelabel

Load Variables

Load variables to level with timeout Load variables into array Easy way to create flash textfile with Word Avoid cacheing of variables textfile


Waiting x seconds Waiting x seconds movie Waiting x seconds movie made configurable

Mouse Follower

Simple Mouse follower Elastic mouse follower Mouse follower with constant speed (zombie)


Animating with different speeds, even backwards

Javascript: Open window, email, change browserstatus

Open an alertbox from a button Open the email-program from a button Open a window from a button Close the last opened window and open a new one Changing the browsers status field


Displaying a random picture/movie/background Jumping to a random label, scene, frame Jumping to a random label, scene, frame without repetition


Sorting an array of numbers Formatting a number to given precision (eg. currency)


(Weak) protection against highscorehackers Drawing lines (polygons) Checking for doubleclick Quicksort Quicksplit Validate emailaddress Execute a closer before going to new place Use labels instead of scenes in programming Set of buttons with the last selected button highlighted Restricting input to certain chars What is a level ?


Math.eval - type and calculate any formula (actionscript math expression parser) Flasm simulator 0.1a Filled convex polygons convert png to swf with php: dbl2swf


Language file for the syntaxhighlighter named Beautifier

bokel Date: 14/02/2001

.. and yes, it works. So please don\'t post any tests, since the annotations are ment to be useful. regards, bokel
jacker Date: 02/03/2001

if(actBytes == undefined){ //no information available yet **if actBytes == undefined .... what it mean the \"undefined...
bokel Date: 02/03/2001

If you call getBytesLoaded() very early after issueing the loadMovie, it returns undefined as value. This means the webserver didn\'t answer yet.
Tony Date: 02/03/2001

Cool page. Less is more. Anyone know how to get and display the \'real\' time (GMT) in a text box in a movie?
WARLOCK Date: 09/03/2001

I want to open a swf (menu) inside another swf (bottom animation) without losing the animation, also that it opens up in a specific position.
jacker Date: 09/03/2001

thanks man, ... i like this page.. cool....
Leandro Date: 13/03/2001

Great work guy... keep going!!! This site is great refernce to my work
goodrow Date: 21/03/2001

Good work! Simple and effective.
Martin Date: 06/04/2001

Great page....keep this up..! Helped me a lot really. Thanx! /Martin
Martin Date: 06/04/2001

Hmm...while im at it anyway... can you help me how I will do if I wanna make a contact-page in flash...interactive where the visitor write his/her stuff in the movie... a flash/contact can i do this form in flash.? /Martin
Jander Date: 11/04/2001

How about preloading attached Sounds into _level1. When using attached sounds, they load into the movie before frame 1, bipassing any preloader. I saw example of loading them into _level1 as MC, but could not validate that it worked.
Jason Cunliffe Date: 16/04/2001

Great page!. I love the direct simplicity of it. Thanks and good luck for the furture
Splashy Date: 29/04/2001

What can I say, a great list of small but very useful snippets! GREAT, NOW LET\'s HAVE SOME MORE!
Heather Zielinski Date: 07/05/2001

Hello, Thanks for posting your info. I am trying to find a way to build a play/pause/rew/ffd navigation for a Flash 5 movie with multiple levels of tell targets. Thanks in advance for any help, Heather
Rogier... Date: 14/05/2001

At first i thought... what a dull page, but after some browsing around i came to the conclusion that the information given to me is of great value. Without waiting around for the page to load, like all does other pages across the globe with does commercial crap... buy this or buy that! Free this and Free that! Get this or get that... damn, get lost! Keep up this site like it is now and don\'t fall victim to the commercial sharks!
Jan Date: 20/05/2001

Hi! I just want to thank You for the tips using Array.
urami Date: 21/05/2001

Nice work Bokel . I really like this site , straight to the point w/o unnecessary crap and advertising like this annoying
kunal Date: 24/05/2001

K, guys if have a question, Im new to flash, and like, is it possible to make a web site just from flash? like i know of dreamweaver, but i think flash gives more designing freedom... Also, is it possible to make scrollbars for text within a flash file? Thanks a lot for the help
Adam Burtch Date: 29/05/2001

a great resource of handy scripts! bokel, you\'re one of the stars of the flash newsgroup, thanks for your contributions to the flash community!
Moiiz Date: 30/05/2001

I love the direct simplicity of it. Thanks and good luck for the furture
remi Date: 08/06/2001

Great and useful snippets ! Just one question, in your javascripts, what is your \"void(0);\" for ?
ArTiFeX Date: 23/06/2001

Great, great resource. Simple, lucid, strong.
Paulos Date: 27/06/2001

Hey nice site, all info and a few things I\'ve wondering about for a while.. Cheers
alain forgerit Date: 29/06/2001

Hi, good site for all. thx forideas. best regards
Sir Tuglat Date: 06/07/2001

actionscript is nothing more than a trumped up version of javascript. and a bad one at that. and macromedia suck arse. so there....
Date: 15/07/2001

shut up sir taglet!
Pete Date: 17/07/2001

Great resource, thanks!
Martin Fasani Date: 23/07/2001

Nice and simple resource site. I enjoyed it a lot. -m .~. /V\\ Martin Fasani |*| For technology news & resources, surf // \\\\ // \\\\ /( )\\ ^^-^^
Chajween Aiman Date: 23/07/2001

g\'day all ... nice and good info site here ... :) I would like more about SHARED LIBRARY in Flash 5 ... can someone assits me ... :) thanks in advance.
xerotommy Date: 02/08/2001

nice site. anything about functions?
pankajgorana Date: 02/08/2001

hi! nice and good info quility is consern not quintity. one thing i wanna know what is flasm ??? cause i new 2 programming basically i\'m designer,animator pankaj
avinish Date: 02/08/2001

cant u include some scripts for sounds avinish
KeV Date: 02/08/2001

Could you plese write a few Actions about Collision Detection please? I think it is used pretty often.
Robert Filter Date: 07/08/2001

Supi! Eine Seite, die sich aufs wesentliche beschrnkt und dabei nicht zu wenig an Inhalt hat;) Kompliment. Man muss sich zwar selbst durchqulen, dann kapierts man aber auch. mfg RF
l77Il7H Date: 12/08/2001

I would really a apreciated if you or someone could turn all these scripts into a .fla file where people can download. This way it might help clear up what some of us don\'t understand.
callmeyang Date: 22/08/2001

Who says that HTML site with Text isnt beautifull huh???? great site!!! cool usefull stufff :) sincerely. Sergio.
jj Date: 07/09/2001

ya, think it would be great with FLA file insert, coz some of the scripts are juz too complicated to understand...
Roger Date: 13/09/2001

In flash4 I Have 2 files in 2 diferent leves, how can I share the variables please, HEEEEELP ME ---...---
poetess Date: 15/09/2001

Hey, your site is very helpful. :) thanks a LOT. :) TC, poetess http://www,
Gert van Duinen Date: 27/09/2001

I\'ve added your site as a resource in the ActionScript Section of theLinkz shocked resources! located at In category Flash & Shockwave Advanced. I would by very grateful if you want to think about reciprocal linking ;~) Gert van Duinen
Bukky Date: 16/10/2001

I realy like this hepled me a lot... thx
californiacat28 Date: 16/10/2001

Cool Site! It\'s now my Home page!!!!
funkygym Date: 16/10/2001

this page rox! it\'s better than some books i bought.. or card..whatever ;> peace!
res Date: 26/10/2001

this page is so simple and good .. thanks
Abdul Date: 17/11/2001
Its nice site......
_Stranger Date: 19/11/2001
Hey, nice site. I have added it to my flahs links page too. Here\'s the url: Hope my links page will be useful to you too. Cheers, _Stranger
Robin Date: 21/11/2001
I try to never add a comment unless it includes \'content\', but for this one time only: What a great page!
Simen Brekken Date: 23/11/2001
There\'s a small bug in the add-comment code, I belive you have to run: <? echo stripslashes($body); ?> To avoid bugs like this \"it\'s\" and similar. Here\'s the manual entry:
John Date: 05/12/2001
I like the preloader examples. I have three very large movie files, around 350 Kb. It would be nice to let the user play a movie while the movies are being downloaded. For instance, as soon as the first movie is loaded and the user is still playing that movie, load the second movie in the background. After the user finish playing the first movie, the second movie will be quicker to play since it has already started loading. I'm trying to cache the movies while the user view a movie. Once they're in cache, it'll be very quick to reload any one of the three movies again. Any ideas?
Gush Date: 14/01/2002
Just wanted to say many, many thanx. You solved me a problem that was turtring me. In our ancient books they say: "One that saved one soul- saved a whole world". Sooo, your a world-saver ! Like Flash Gordon :-) OK, I'm being foolish - but realy, thank you.
. Date: 31/01/2002
Joeba Date: 27/02/2002
Very helpfull page !! and its kept simple, just as it should be, easy to find, and quick !!
thinx Date: 01/03/2002
Hallo Bokel! Sehr coole und innovative Site. Nochmals danke fr Deine Hilfe beim logarithmus;-) Gruss thinx
Basgun Date: 01/03/2002
Keep this good work, man... Thnx for the ActionScript part :o)
steve Date: 05/03/2002
Hi, das alte Thema: wie kann ich attached sounds preloaden? Hast du ne source file oder so? Ansonsten sind die Beispiele hier ziemlich cool! Gru Steve
Bill Date: 06/03/2002
I am having problems controlling movies in other Frames. I guess I am confused about Targets and preloading. My site is see the Flash Bar and how it loads the topFrame movies. Is there a solution that I can't figure out? Thanks, WB
Adobetech Date: 13/03/2002
Great site. Excellent quality on the scripting! Thanks for the resource.
Mr fri Date: 14/03/2002
Very nice ressource, keep the faith
aawawa Date: 20/03/2002
nice. ;-) PeaCe
Robert Date: 24/03/2002
nice examples bokel, but some .css for a better font would do a great job. :) i hate times... // body, table, td, tr {font-family: "Verdana","Arial","Helvetica", "sans-serif"; font-size: 10pt} robert.
Roxane Date: 31/03/2002
Hi I didn't really know who to contact for this but I have a question regarding flash, & I thought perhaps you would be able to help me... It seems that the "mailto" thing doesn't work inwindows 2000 for some reason. Is there another way to open the persons email program in 2000? Thankyou Roxane
Robin Date: 04/04/2002
If somebody needs to remove the passwords from your swf files I've made it and is avaialble at <a href =""></a>
nick Date: 11/04/2002
really nice! - i have made a game of life, but it runs like a (slow) dog, where yours is nice and fast. any possibility of a peek at the code? cheers
Anupam Date: 16/04/2002
Hi\ I wanted that everytime i call showModalDialog the page is reloaded from the server because data is changing can anyone suggest a way to achieve the same I am using IE 5.5 Thanks
Anupam Date: 16/04/2002
Hi\ I wanted that everytime i call showModalDialog the page is reloaded from the server because data is changing can anyone suggest a way to achieve the same I am using IE 5.5 Thanks
manimaran Date: 18/04/2002
i appriciate ur technologies all actionscript is super
mani Date: 19/04/2002
very site has very usefull in my career thanks
danish Date: 20/05/2002
hi, how can i open swf file in flash palyer from a button on another swf file in new flash player window OR how can i open new flashpalyer from a button on swf file in another flashplayer plz send me answer as soon as possible.... bye
buratino Date: 28/06/2002
Ok. Let's say you driving a car through the city, each block of the city is a separate swf movie. As you move up you need to load a new swf with each new block if you turn around and go back you need to have them load in the opposite direction. Also if you turn left or right the process is the same. Oh yeah, the whole thing needs to scroll as you move and not just change scenes from one block to the next. Any ideas?
Manivannan Date: 05/07/2002
Hi, Please solve the problem. I have created movieclip the instance name is "movies". In this movie clip there are many movieclips like movie1,movie2. I have created the folder in myhard disk as movies folder in that, I have to access the movie dynamically from the movie folder to the movie clip. when i add the in the movie folder. the movie3 movie clip should be added to the movies movie clip. it should be dynamically .It is possible. give me the solution for this problem. Thanks
Josie Belliard Date: 08/07/2002
Re: Multiple Preloader with x movies loaded to targets I wanted to use navigation buttons (next/previous). Since the movies have been loaded in the beginning of the session, what code should I put on the buttons to play next/previous? I would prefer not to have to write the target names over and over. I would willing to name my movies always "movie1, target1, etc.). I also would like to know what code I should put in my page to check whether users have the latest flash (6) player. thank you Josie Belliard I have a FLA movie that I could send it to you if you'd like.
bellir Date: 09/07/2002
RE: Multiple Preloader with x movies loaded to targets DOES ANYONE HAVE THE FLA for the above code? I don't know what I am doing wrong but it's not working for me. Something to do with the target? I have 2 preloaders and 4 movies, and I need navigation buttons (forward and back). I don't know what code I need to put on the button. "Call Target"???? Please... someone help meeeeeeee. thank you!
bellir Date: 12/07/2002
I'm sorry Boskel that you never reply to your e-mails. I know it's a nice way for self promotion, but if people can't undertand it, what's the big deal in giving them a hand. I thought your code was very nice, but for sure you don't care if people understand it or not.
TemporaryNick Date: 26/07/2002
Hi, I have this problem. I am not a Flash guy. But I need to make a feasiblity for a problem and if its possible in FLASH. i need a solution. I need to built a module like (where one can configure and customize any shoe).I need this functionality with limited options. What i want is summarized/brief solution. Actually I want to know if its possible in Flash with dynamic data. I mean there will be different attributes available for differnt shoes. Like changing the strip color, printing user's name on the shoe. Also the administrator/webmaster needs to be facilitated accordingly while entering a new shoe record. Does he need as many different images as the number of different views and number of attributes available for a particular shoe, or there is some other solution like slicing the image or manipulating it at run time by getting user's interaction. i would appreciate if anyone can comment on that. Regards, TN
Chittranjan Dunakhe Date: 07/08/2002
Hi I find the page very useful, it has cover many important areas. With that I want a solution for couple of problems. I want to make the PI-Chart, which should take the values from live updating database, (ie the value will come from database and using that values the Graph will be generated.) Now at the End that graph should be in .gif or .jpeg format. Is it possible? if it is please help me asap. Thanx
inma Date: 27/08/2002
Hi! this page is very interesting. I need help about a action script. I made a swf, in a pc, but doesn't work in a mac. Could you test for me in mac?? The buttons (drag & drop + destino) doesn't work in Mac. Could you tell me why?? Is there some actionscript that doesn't cross plataforms? Is ther something publish about it? I send you my code: onClipEvent (load) { xA = _x; yA = _y; } onClipEvent (mouseUp) { var destino = eval(_droptarget); if (xA != _x or yA != _y) { // nico destino correcto if (destino == _root.r90) { _root.si90._visible = true; _root.no90._visible = false; } // Posibles destinos incorrectos if (destino == _root.r0) { _root.no0._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r10) { _root.no10._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r20) { _root.no20._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r30) { _root.no30._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r40) { _root.no40._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r50) { _root.no50._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r60) { _root.no60._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r70) { _root.no70._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r80) { _root.no80._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r100) { _root.no100._visible = true; } } } onClipEvent (mouseDown) { if(this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)){ // devuelve "/r0", "/rn0" o "r100" var destinoAnt = eval(_droptarget)._target; // Obtiene el nmero del rectngulo destino var nDestAnt = destinoAnt.substr(2, destinoAnt.length-2); // Oculta indicadores Si/No del destino anterior. eval(""+nDestAnt)._visible = false; eval(""+nDestAnt)._visible = false; } } Please, could you help me? I'm lost Thanks a lot.
inma Date: 27/08/2002
Hi! this page is very interesting. I need help about a action script. I made a swf, in a pc, but doesn't work in a mac. Could you test for me in mac?? The buttons (drag & drop + destino) doesn't work in Mac. Could you tell me why?? Is there some actionscript that doesn't cross plataforms? Is ther something publish about it? I send you my code: onClipEvent (load) { xA = _x; yA = _y; } onClipEvent (mouseUp) { var destino = eval(_droptarget); if (xA != _x or yA != _y) { // nico destino correcto if (destino == _root.r90) { _root.si90._visible = true; _root.no90._visible = false; } // Posibles destinos incorrectos if (destino == _root.r0) { _root.no0._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r10) { _root.no10._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r20) { _root.no20._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r30) { _root.no30._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r40) { _root.no40._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r50) { _root.no50._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r60) { _root.no60._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r70) { _root.no70._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r80) { _root.no80._visible = true; } if (destino == _root.r100) { _root.no100._visible = true; } } } onClipEvent (mouseDown) { if(this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)){ // devuelve "/r0", "/rn0" o "r100" var destinoAnt = eval(_droptarget)._target; // Obtiene el nmero del rectngulo destino var nDestAnt = destinoAnt.substr(2, destinoAnt.length-2); // Oculta indicadores Si/No del destino anterior. eval(""+nDestAnt)._visible = false; eval(""+nDestAnt)._visible = false; } } Please, could you help me? I'm lost Thanks a lot.
MiniMe Date: 11/09/2002
I saw the code for "Simple Preloader with one movie loaded to target" and worked very well. I just wanted to know if there is anyone that has the code do display the "Time Remaining" as well. Please e-mail me, im runing out of time. Thanks MiniMe
MiniMe Date: 11/09/2002
I saw the code for "Simple Preloader with one movie loaded to target" and worked very well. I just wanted to know if there is anyone that has the code do display the "Time Remaining" as well. Please e-mail me, im runing out of time. Thanks MiniMe
m4rs Date: 06/11/2002
klasse seite, danke fr die freie arbeit.
Saran Date: 09/11/2002
Hai... I have a is like this... 1) I want to load a sequence of movies(swf) in to a flash stage during runtime. 2)The first movie must appear on the screen but the remaining movies must be in the cache memory. 3) Once the user wishes to go to the next frame the next movie in the cache must come in to stage. 4)To check the bytes loaded I used the "_level" option.But while I am using "_level" option..I couln't play with the visibility factor of the movie. The thing I want is "to hide a level temporarily and then unhide that upon my wish".. Can anybody help me out in this? with regs, .Dj.
alostorah Date: 05/12/2002
good day guys what a great site it is for me as a refference note my mother language is not English thanks and good luck pal regards alostorah
guest Date: 17/12/2002
Please people, do not place questions!!!!!!!!!!! This is a reference site, not a "can you help me with this", "can you help me with that", for that search for tutorials. This is not a tutorials page. It is a reference. Bye! ps. some one had to say it
Satheesh kt Date: 18/02/2003
Anyone know how to get and display the time GMT in a text box in a movie? if any one having the code plz send to me.
Satheesh kt Date: 18/02/2003
How to compress swf files? Rdgs KT
Joseph Date: 26/02/2003
Herr Bokelberg, Thanks for the ActionScript reference. --joseph
Chris Date: 13/03/2003
I need help making a audio controller for my website. It's going to have a play button, a stop button, and a next track button, and a reverse track button. How do I go about doing this if your going to have 4 to five songs and make the forward button and reverse button go back and forth to the next song.
michael Date: 27/03/2003
i keep hearing about your observer patterned ASBroadcaster emulation... is there anywhere i can see it .. is it very similar in usage to Brandon's EventBroadcaster ... Brandon in fact recommends it and as i currently use his.. i woudl liek to see yours to upgrade so to speak.. thanx in advance. mike
asd Date: 27/03/2003
DieselPaws Date: 03/05/2003
Assign a value in a multi-dimensional array H! Dudes and Dudetes, Anybody knows how to assign a value in a multi-dimensional array at runtime? Like in C++; for (ctr=0;ctr<=varMax;ctr++){ collectedDataArray[ctr][0] = nameArray[ctr]; collectedDataArray[ctr][1] = ageArray[ctr]; collectedDataArray[ctr][2] = genderArray[ctr]; collectedDataArray[ctr][3] = emailArray[ctr]; //blah..blah..blah... } I am having a hard time finding out how... Or is it not posible? dont know, I am new and shifting to Actionscript from VB
Marcin Date: 21/05/2003
With respect to Your skills, I have been looking for a way to convert a vector image generated by a prog like Swift 3D to written Actionscript automatically. Thank you, if You can help.
Eddie Date: 01/06/2003
Hey guys, just a couple of ponders: Can you define multiple variables in a single .txt file so that you can load several different text box contents? Or do you have to do some server-side? or; can you use variables in actionscript to define the names of the text files you want to There are some files named textBox_01, textBox_02, textBox_03 etc.. how can I make a function to tell actionscript to loadVariables for all the text files that exist and stop loading when there are no more/they don't exist? (the dynamic text field variables are set to the same name) I know you can probably do this with a for loop using lots of i's and things but i can't get my head round it at the moment! Ed
diabolika Date: 15/07/2003
Regarding the MX stage object / Align / on Resize features: I want my movie to scale down with a browser window resize, but I don't want it to resize greater than my movie size of 600x800 when the browser is full screened. Currently it is resizing down correctly but exceeds max on fullscreen. Any thoughts appreciated. D
Nathan Date: 20/01/2004
Great site.
sathiyan Date: 06/02/2004
this looks very simple and best thank you.
Jill Date: 16/03/2004
Great scripts!!! I was wondering if you had any plans to convert Math.eval to ActionScript 2? Cheers!
totoy fm: Phils Date: 19/04/2004
HEELLPPPPPPPPP!! Could anyone help me on how to make a simple "search" of data from external sources specifically form text document. i had a txt file named info.txt and had a couple of variables (e.g. &name1=me &name2=you &name3==us ... what i would like to do is to make a simple search engine. say, i would like to find if there is an "us" (name3="us"). Is is possible to compare values from external sources? thanks
Constantin Date: 22/04/2004
Useful scripts ...
alok Date: 05/06/2004
hi ferndz!! the site is raelly kool!!all things are really good.. should be added more n more... keep it up::: plz mail me if u have any other address of site like this
manuelvertiz Date: 07/06/2004
Really Cooll Site!!! many people are searching for the multiple swf preloader and this site really helps where other failed!!!. My best regards!!!.
gaus Date: 27/06/2004
Bravo, simple is truly beautiful. Good work!
misha Date: 25/08/2004
Exelent Site, very helpfull 10x :-)
Arshad Date: 07/11/2004
Hi. why you don't use .swf sample as a link in your site ?
alain Date: 08/02/2005
jimbo jones Date: 27/02/2005
can you make me learn flash faster than the book i am reading now? if so, i'll send you all my money that sits in a foreign bank.
mrbiscuit Date: 25/03/2005
very nice site, brill help :D
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