Open the standard email program from a button

on(release){ email = ""; subject= "Very interesting"; body = "Hi willi, \n here is somethin very interesting for you."; getUrl("mailto:" add email add "?subject=" add subject add "&body=" add body); }
Scott Date: 10/03/2001

What would be the difference between using this script and just a standard getURL mailto: action? Do you have any idea of how to prevent IE opening a blank window while it opens up your email program? This happens with IE5.5 and Eudora Pro.
bokel Date: 10/03/2001

bokel Date: 10/03/2001

1. it makes no difference since there is no 2. actually not
Daniel Date: 20/07/2001

scott... i find if im testing a movie (Ctrl + Enter) or if im making a projector the mailto:action opens a blank window then opens the mail program annoying huh ? ... but when the flash movie is published as a .swf and is opened in a browser, this script works fine.
yoandrea Date: 23/08/2002
Trying to use the email button function.. the only problem I am having the subject isn't coming up. Here is the code i am entering in. on(release){ email= ""; subject= "a-yo Andern"; getURL ("",subject="a-yo Andern"); } whats wrong..?
Rob Date: 28/09/2002
Change the comma to a question-mark (and you don't need the variables - you were defining them and then not using them)... on(release){ getURL (" Andern"); }
A4u Date: 30/07/2003
how do you do a line return in the body. I have tried <BR> , <P> , and inport the Html in as a varaible but nothing is working. Any suggestion ??? A4u
Q Date: 21/11/2003
Kazem Date: 07/11/2004
you can use the "\n" or "newline". "newline" defined in flash.
Keith Date: 01/03/2005
\n and newline work when i test the movie but not when i run the application from the web...the output is all on one line any suggestions?
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