Execute a closer before going to new place

Instead of jumping to the new location directly, you set a variable with the new location, then you go to the closer and at the end of the closer you jump to the location given by the variable.
Andrew Davis Date: 19/04/2001

I didn\'t find the code for executing a closer. I was wondering if you have any suggestions. \'m a \"newbie\" when it comes to Actionscript. Andy
lukos Date: 29/01/2003
read above, that IS the solution :P
db Date: 19/04/2003
i think he was looking for an example...
tweak Date: 06/08/2004
loadSection5_btn.onRelease(){ storage.newLocation = "section5"; gotoAndPlay("outro_fade"); } then, on the last frame of the outro_fade you'd put: gotoAndPlay(storage.newLocation); You could of course reuse the fade section for more than one transition, by passing different values to storage.newLocation. HTH.
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