Changing the browsers status field

Add this scripts to your button on(rollover){ myStatus = "This is a nice url, click it please."; getUrl("javascript:top.status = \"" add myStatus add "\"; void(0)"); } on(rollout){ myStatus = ""; getUrl("javascript:top.status = \"" add myStatus add "\"; void(0)"); }
uh Date: 12/03/2001

EricJr Date: 30/11/2001
Uhhm, I have worked on this about a year ago, and I found it rather irritating that you hear a browser-click sound when rolling over a button ... I developed a better functioning Javascript, whch I call with FS-commands ... you can use more chars and the sound is gone! for the appropriate script, and the actions, mail me !!!
insosoredgisy Date: 01/01/2008
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