Easy way to create flash textfile with Word

Instead of converting all the special chars to ugly urlencoded %0F type of strings by hand, let word do the magic. Download the word document and open it with macros activated (no virus in here). Simply write your variable statements one each line. After changing the text to your needs save the document as .doc with the same name as you want the .txt to be. Then pressing the button at the head of the document creates the .txtfile, eg. "myvar.doc" is converted "to myvar.txt". Download doc2txt.zip here Mac: I'm not sure if this macro runs on mac. If you encounter problems i cannot help you since i don't know mac. If you are able to change it, so that it runs on mac, please post it here.
felix Date: 08/06/2001

makro doesn\'t work on MAC with Word 98 :-((
Latouche Date: 03/06/2002
Sorry, it doesn't work on Word 2001 either. The button is simply not usable.
gippo Date: 20/02/2007
no good
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