Jumping to a random label, scene, frame without repetition

1. define a label in every frame you want to jump randomly 2. use the following script: //before you can start the game, the framenumbers have to be putted in the list //the parameter finishedFrame is a framelabel which is returned, when the list is done. function initLabels(finishedFrame){ labelarray=[finishedFrame,"label1","label2","label3","label4"]; } //anywhere inside your swf you can call this function to get the next framelabel //if the list is empty, the value of finishedFrame is returned function getNextLabel(){ var randomIdx, returnValue; if(labelarray.length > 1){ randomIdx = Math.floor(Math.random() * labelarray.length + 1); returnValue = labelarray[randomIdx]; labelarray.splice(randomIdx,1); return (returnValue) } else { return labelarray[0]; } } //init the list - at the end jump to frameLabel "TheEnd" initLabels("TheEnd"); //jump to the first randomly picked question gotoAndStop(getNextLabel());
tim Date: 18/07/2001

The first argument in the splice function should be \"randomIdx\" and not idx. Tim.
lharby Date: 20/08/2004
I kinda got this to work, except that it is repeating frames before going through the entire array. e.g. A,A,A,D I want A,D,C,B etc. before A is played again? Apologies if I shouldn't be posting here.
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