Sorting an array of numbers

The standard method of sorting in flash with myArray.sort uses a string comparison. If you sort an array of numbers, all numbers starting with 0 come first, then 1 and so on. If you want numerical ordering, like 10 comes after 9 you have to provide your own function to compare two values of your array. Here is the example to sort numerical: // Defining the function which does the comparison in the sort function // The function takes two parameters a and b and returns -1 if a < b, // 0 if a = b and 1 if a > b. function compareNumbers( a, b){ return((a > b) - (a < b)) } // make a new array for our test myArray = new Array(); // fill the array with random numbers for(i=0;i<20;i++){ myArray[i] = random(20); } // how does it look like unsorted ? trace("unsorted: " add myArray); // sort it with standard sort function myArray.sort(); // how does it look now ? trace("stringsorted: " add myArray); // sort it with our numerical comparison myArray.sort(compareNumbers); // yes - thats what we were looking for :) trace("numbersorted: " add myArray);
Owen van Dijk Date: 19/11/2001
You could also use an simple Bubblesort: function bubbleSort(inputArray, start, rest) { for (var i = rest - 1; i >= start; i--) { for (var j = start; j <= i; j++) { if (inputArray[j+1] < inputArray[j]) { var tempValue = inputArray[j]; inputArray[j] = inputArray[j+1]; inputArray[j+1] = tempValue; } } }
jupenz Date: 06/10/2003
ey... why is it that there is no result? where do i put that script? actually i am just new in here! can anyone tell me where to put the script? is it in the main time line? please help!
maheshsangle Date: 15/12/2004
Hi, Sorting an array of numbers works fine on its own. I m trying to capture 7 different into array. The same gets well into array; also works stupidly (string sort) till step 2 as it should. But shows the same output even for the last step; which hopefully should be number sorted. Have u ever come across the same. Is there any email ID, where I can send the FLA just for ref. Thankz & Regards, Mahesh
Flash Guy Date: 15/12/2004
Didn't work for me! I modified the code to this; function compareNumbers(a, b) { return (Boolean((a-b)>0)); } and it works fine!
vikky Date: 28/11/2009
Hey good work nice code. Thanks!!
Derek Date: 20/09/2010
THANK YOU! this is exactly what i have been looking for. I'm working with a vb programmer and they keep telling me to use a sort on my array of numbers but it was sorting alpha numerically.
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