Multiple Preloader with x movies (single and multiple bps and percentage)

Simply put all your movies to load and the corresponding targets/levels in the array moviearray. Remember: If you don't want the loaded clips to start immediatly after beeing loaded, you have to place a stop action in the first frame of the movie. frame 1: //provide a list with all your movies to load and the targets/levels to load into moviearray = new Array("movie1.swf","target1","movie2.swf","_level2","movie3.swf","_level99"); //set the index of the first movie to load actMovieIdx = 0; //set the sum of all movies by hand allTotBytes = 122334; //reset actual loaded Bytes allActBytes = 0; //set the starttime for loading all the movies allStarttime = getTimer(); frame 2: // get the next moviename and target/level moviename = moviearray[actMovieIdx++]; movietarget = moviearray[actMovieIdx++]; // load the given movie loadMovie(moviename, movietarget); // remember the time where we started loading to calculate the bytes per second starttime = getTimer(); frame 3: //get the actual loaded bytes actBytes = eval(movietarget).getBytesLoaded() || 0; // get the total bytes to load totBytes = eval(movietarget).getBytesTotal() || 100; // calculate the percentage loaded percent = Math.round(actBytes * 100 / totBytes); // calculate the percentage loaded of all movies allPercent = (allActBytes + actBytes ) * 100 / allTotBytes; // calculate bytes per second loaded bps = Math.floor(actBytes * 1000 / (getTimer() - starttime)); // calculate bytes per second of all movies loaded allBps = Math.floor((allActBytes + actBytes) * 1000 / (getTimer() - allStarttime)); frame 4: if( totBytes - actBytes > 10){//more bytes available, keep on loading // calculate total bytes loaded so far allActBytes += actBytes; gotoAndPlay(3); } else if(actMovieIdx < moviearray.length){//if we got more movies to load gotoAndPlay(2); } frame 5: // ready, go - here starts your movie
Looney Date: 28/11/2001
Hi bokel! Thanks for the time-saving examples. Just one thought though. In frame 4, it should be: if( totBytes - actBytes > 10){ gotoAndPlay(3); } else if(actMovieIdx < moviearray.length){ allActBytes += actBytes; gotoAndPlay(2); } The line allActBytes += actBytes is in the wrong if clause. Also, any reason why you aren't rounding up allPercent? Cheers!
ananth Date: 29/04/2002
hi friend, i want some loading files,i want to load multiple movies at a time,i will clearly explain. main movie is 200kb,thats why i want split to 3 r 4 movies for fast opening. 2.when i opened main movie that time only loaded by 2,3 and 4 movies. is it possible.i tried from loadmovie,but it is when we click the button that time only this will loading,thats why i want to when the main movie opens that time only all other movies will load. plz tell me and send that file. plz dont neglect i want as early as friend. any how thanx advance. bye ananth
Rashmi Date: 31/07/2002
Dear Friend, I have tried the method given by you. But I am loading the external file in a movieclip which is inside another. So the load command is like the following loadMovie ("Loading1.swf", "movie/Dummy"); So my script in frame 3 is like this : //get the actual loaded bytes actBytes = eval("movie/Dummy").getBytesLoaded(); // get the total bytes to load totBytes = eval("movie/Dummy"+".getBytesTotal()"); // calculate the percentage loaded percent = Math.round(actBytes * 100 / totBytes); // calculate the percentage loaded of all movies allPercent = actBytes * 100 / totBytes; But this doesnot read th erequired actBytes and totBytes properly. Please help me. Thanks Rashmi
chris Date: 10/09/2002
The sintax should be ( "myswf.swf", NOT
aa Date: 13/11/2002
I am trying to load mulitple movies in the preloader. I have 5 movies to load. My question is in frame two do i need to load each movie or a single movie to begin the total download. thx, aa
ass hole Date: 05/07/2003
I think you are all a bunch of assholes.
Antonio Max Date: 07/10/2003
i just cant stop laughing at this last post. :P
Matt Simper Date: 13/04/2004
I have an external FLV that I am in need of a preloader for. Any suggestions? I can't seem to get any where on this matter. MXPro is my program. //The code to play back the flv dynamicaly..... // Create a NetConnection object: var netConn:NetConnection = new NetConnection(); //Create a local streaming connection netConn.connect(null); // Create a Net Stream object and define an onStatus Frunction: var netStream:NetStream = new NetStream(netConn); // Set the buffer time: netStream.setBufferTime(5); //Attach the NetStream video feed to the Video Object: my_video.attachVideo(netStream); //begin playing flv"newVideoFile1.flv"); Can ayone help me? other email site in question
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