Multiple Preloader with x movies loaded to targets

Simply put all your movies to load and the corresponding targets in the array moviearray. Remember: If you don\'t want the loaded clips to start immediatly after beeing loaded, you have to place a stop action in the first frame of the movie. frame 1: //provide a list with all your movies to load and the targets to load into moviearray = new Array("movie1.swf","target1","movie2.swf","target2","movie3.swf","target3"); //set the index of the first movie to load actMovieIdx = 0; frame 2: // get the next moviename and level moviename = moviearray[actMovieIdx++]; movietarget = moviearray[actMovieIdx++]; // load the given movie loadMovie(moviename, movietarget); frame 3: // nothing in here frame 4: //get the actual loaded bytes actBytes = eval(movietarget).getBytesLoaded() || 0; // get the total bytes to load totBytes = eval(movietarget).getBytesTotal() || 100; // calculate the percentage loaded percent = Math.round(actBytes * 100 / totBytes); if( totBytes - actBytes > 10){//more bytes available, keep on loading gotoAndPlay(3); } else if(actMovieIdx < moviearray.length){//if we got more movies to load gotoAndPlay(2); } // else go to frame 5 frame 5: // ready, go - here starts your movie
alejandro Date: 02/06/2001

Very good your web page, where find .fla for download the ejemples of scripts ? Tank you
mephistopheles Date: 04/07/2001

how would one go about combining this script with the one that also calculates bps/bytes/percent? so, it would load external SWFs into targeted MCs, but _also_ display bps/bytes/% information.
T Garcia Date: 16/12/2001
I'm having this exact same problem ... do you have a fla avaiable for download?
josie belliard Date: 08/07/2002
Multiple Preloader with x movies Hi Boskel Could you send me a fla? I really have been trying for so long to get this code to work. I know it must be my fault. I'm sure it is. Still i would like so much to use your code. I would like to have two preloaders in the beginning and then 4 movies. I need navigation buttons as well and don't know what code to put on the buttons. I need forward and back buttons. It seems the back buttons are going funny on me. I tried level but it crushes with the levels I built in other movies, it would be too complicated to change now. That' s why I would rather use target. thank you Josie Belliard
nick Date: 21/09/2002
i find that instead of this: if( totBytes - actBytes > 10) that this works much better: if( totBytes != actBytes )
Giancarlo Date: 18/11/2002
thanks, but i need not play the movies.before start the movie
Meiners Date: 14/01/2003
Hi ! I need the source of this multiple loader, ive worked on this much to long, but i looked for a solution like this, specially to load a lot of movies and start on with one. how can i activate the other after loading all in different targets? Thanks for you help an go on with this fascinating game. geof
Gemma Date: 13/06/2003
Hi, From my understanding, the script works in a way that all movies are downloaded and starts playing from the last in the array. In my case, the first movie is able to unload but my next movie doesn't play. Am I right to say that all targets are loaded and stacked upon one another? If so, when a movie is unloaded, I should have a script e.g. thismovietarget.gotoAndPlay("start") that send the playhead to the frame name "start" where the movie plays. I'm almost there. I would appreciate if you could help me with this problem. Thks!
Oscar Date: 26/03/2004
Hello, I have had success with the code for multiple preloader with x movies loaded to targets. I am using the code for images instead of swf. files. It works just fine but I can't get the images to keep from opening. It says to put a stop action in the first frame to prevent this but I can't figure out how to get it to work. When I put a stop action the other frames don't play and the images can't load because the script to load them is in the other frames. How do I get this done. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Oscar
me Date: 17/02/2005
I've played with this and some of the other scripts from this guy for a couple of days now. Let's face it, these scripts just don't work. It isn't actual real world code that is working on a site somewhere. They aren't working scripts and they are incomplete. The author does not respond to requests for people for code. Time we all moved on from this site and found some real solutions. ciao...
bokel Date: 17/02/2005
Rosk Date: 09/03/2007
Thanks Bokel - danke, Mann! This is a well documented possibility to making a multiple preloader with ease. I've tried it out in combination with an XML-sheet as a imagepreloader - and it works fine for me. Thanks again bokel and keep up your good work. Rosk
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