Waiting x seconds movie made configurable

Make a movie with the following scripts in it, place it in the timeline you want to wait, and name it "wait[Seconds]", eg. wait7: frame 1: endtime = getTimer() + Number(substring(_name,5)) * 1000; _parent.stop(); frame 2: // nothing in here frame 3: if(getTimer() < endtime) gotoAndPlay(2); frame 4: // ready, go _parent.play();
ande Date: 23/06/2003
wow brilliant.... and done soooooo simply too...... i have seen other scripts that make the flash player go bonkers in order to make it pause for a while but this is it..... dump in a movie and make it wait..... unleash the power..... now i can make well coreographed anims without having to make endless amounts of movies to control the master..... thanx ande
Tahiche Date: 27/05/2004
Clap, clap, clap: Very smart idea. Very handy, veeeery useful. I was doing all sorts of "Clear interval" functions and such. This is just so much better and beautiful. Could you make a component out of it?.Itīd be nice.
rathish Date: 08/09/2004
wonderfull script thanx
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