Animating with different speeds, even backwards

Make a moviesymbol with your animation at the slowest speed, put a stop-action in the first frame of the animation, place it on the timeline and name it "animation". To animate backwards set speed to negative Numbers. If you want your animation to be smoother, you have to make your animation very long and use a higher framerate, to keep the speed, eg. 60 fps or something like that. frame 1: actframe = 1; speed = 4; frame 2: // nothing in here frame 3: actframe += speed; if(actframe > animation._totalframes) actframe -= animation._totalframes; if(actframe < 1) actframe += animation._totalframes; animation.gotoAndStop(actframe); gotoAndPlay(2);
uh Date: 12/03/2001

ah Date: 14/05/2001

TBx Date: 14/05/2001

James Robinso Date: 18/07/2001

I used the scripting for controling the speed of a mc. I like the possibilities. I used the swimming fish from common libraries to test the given code. The fish moves in a jerk motion the higher or lower the number of the var speed. Why and how do I make the movement smoother. Thanks for offering your wisdom to the public.
leo Date: 03/11/2001

Why and how do I make the movement smoother? ---- The only fix seems to be upping the frame rate. Am I wrong?
vurx Date: 10/01/2002
cant make it smoother... the speed is how many frames you are 'skipping', so the fater you set it the more skippy it will get.
Soren Date: 29/08/2002
I canīt have the movieClip playing backwards. I allso need it to play just part of the movie backwards (and forewards),, but it is really giving me a hard time. I use Flash MX that should be no problem right? I need help!!!! 8-| KR. Soren
Senen Date: 24/10/2002
Simple and great. Thatīs how it always should be and moreover its very cute explained. Thanks
GoGo Date: 02/01/2003
Excellent script! But why do you not have an example .swf online? This because I do not understand it completely; do I have to make the animation first? But then it doesn't do anything 'new'. thnxs!
Flame Date: 21/01/2003
THANK YOU. ive been searching for this for a while now. :D
FunnyBunny Date: 19/05/2003
60 fps? Most computers can't keep up with 30, depending on how complex the animation is.
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