Open a alertbox from a button

on(release){ alerttext="Hey, what are you doing here ?"; getUrl("javascript:alert('" add alerttext add "');void(0);"); }
sa Date: 17/10/2001

ui Date: 01/12/2001
francois Date: 04/05/2002
hi bokel! thank you very much for your highly practical and useful explanations about actionscript. i think, you should have been a teacher, ´cause the way you explain your programming methods and results is very excellent. is there any other website, where i can get more information about actionscripting? i would be very grateful to you, if you could give a positive answer to that question. of course, the required website should explain all the stuff about actionscripting at least in the same way as you did. and, could you sens a copy of your answer to my personal email-address: god bless you!
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